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New Live-Action Anime "vignette" (3-5 minute project) every 3-4 months, plus weekly Dragon Ball Super Reviews and Reactions. Weekly live stream discussions about DBS and More. Plus a weekly video with filmmaking tips/tricks like how to make Gohan's gi costume, or how to make Ki Blast VFX.Become a patron of Dandrich today: Read 190 posts by Dandrich and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.You're only gonna find the realist, purist, entertaining, hype videos right here. Reviews, video games, reactions, tech and loads more! 🙏🏼About Dragon Ball Super Dope Thanks for checking out our Patreon! Dragon Ball Super Dope launched over a year ago now, and the community that has grown around the show is both amazing and incredibly humbling. We want to not only bring you MORE content on a more frequent basis, but want to reinvest the funds we raise here back into our community.Current Project: Dragon Ball Doujinshi (+ Patrons) The Universe 6 Saiyans Combine! Caulifla x Kale x Kefla x Cabba I am creating a Dragon Ball Super doujinshi with Patron participation. At , or , Patrons are able to vote and comment on content to be added to the doujinshi. Dragon ball super hentai patreon.

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